Our client had a disused double garage that had fallen into a state of disrepair to the rear of their garden and wanted to utilise its use better than how they were doing at present. As our client doesn’t drive then it would be pointless for us just to re-build him a garage, so we stepped back from the situation, placed our consultation hats on and considered options outside of the box.


After a series of meetings with the local planning department, the idea that we put forward to them to convert the garage space into a one bedroom bungalow was provisionally accepted subject to the prevailing planning conditions. After reporting back to our client the findings of the initial meeting, he never thought a second to draw breathe to consider the proposal. Immediate consent was given for HT Development to commission our team of professional architects, surveyors and engineers to start the planning process with a view to build him a one bedroom bungalow.


A spacious one bedroom bungalow was built utilizing the state of the art energy efficient materials and technology. In my clients own words, “HT Development has lifted the weight of the world from off of my shoulders”. With the rising property prices he was able to build a new home for his only child to live in at a fraction of the cost that he would be required to pay on the open market.