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Low risk, cost saving and efficient builds.

The biggest investment in your life is probably buying a new home. So why take the risk in buying a second-hand property with all the potential hidden risks? HT DEVEOPMENT can build you a home with modern materials and techniques that give you peace of mind – and a high quality home built to your specification.

All our homes are covered by an NHBC 10-year Buildmark warranty. They are built with security and low-level maintenance in mind, and prior to release go through a tough ‘fit for purpose’ inspection.

Because of their excellent insulation and state-of-the-art energy saving devices, new homes today are up to four times more energy efficient than a traditional second hand home. This gives you cheaper running costs compared to older homes.

With a HT Development home you will use less energy and get lower gas and electricity bills, reduce your water charges and increase your recycling.

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