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Consider a loft conversion.

You will also increase the value of your property. If you need more living space, but an extension is not possible, then HT DEVELOPLMENT can work with you to change your loft space into a wonderful new living area. The majority of lofts are convertible, and have great potential for realising your desire for more room.

There are various types of conversion we can build for you:

Dormer conversions

If there is not enough headroom for a full-height room, a dormer conversion can create the additional space you need by extending the walls higher through the roof and then making a flat ceiling inside your loft.

You then get a very useable space which can accommodate any type of room – double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are popular.

Eaves/Velux conversions

If your current loft provides adequate headroom, a smaller room such as a study or single bedroom can be installed. This requires less work than a dormer conversion, is less disruptive and less likely to require planning permission. However, if planning permission is required, we will work with you to deal with it.

Eaves or Velux conversions retain the sloping roof and thus the charm of the original building and still allow a lot of natural light to enter the room.

Gable conversion

The type of roof where all sides slope downwards to the walls, usually with a fairly gentle slope is called a hip roof, hip-roof or hipped roof. So it is a house with no gables or other vertical sides to the roof.

Converting from this type of roof to a gable – a ‘hip to gable’ loft conversion will increase the potential living area in your loft. By replacing an existing roof hip with a gable end wall, HT DEVELOPMENT can create en-suite rooms with direct stair-case access.

Mansard conversion

A mansard or mansard roof (also called a French roof or curb roof) is a four-sided hip roof characterized by two slopes on each of its sides with the lower slope, punctured by dormer windows, at a steeper angle than the upper. The steep roof with windows creates a whole additional floor of habitable space. This type of conversion gives you very spacious additional living space which can be divided up in various ways, and is becoming increasingly popular.